Award-winning author Shane Read's newest book
hits the market, with interior page design and layout from LaCroix Creative

Attorney and award-winning author Shane Read has produced yet another book, this time with interior pages designed and laid out by LaCroix Creative. Mr. Read's third published book, Turning Points at Trial, has recieved rave reviews from his critics, and in return, Mr. Read had wonderful words for Patricia LaCroix's work. As he told Patricia: "Pat — I strongly believe you can judge a book by its interior design. Thank you so much for your creativity, vision, and professionalism. You ideas, and the outstanding skills you have to execute them, made for a one-of-a-kind book."

If you would like to read more about and purchase Turning Points at Trial, please click HERE. For more information about Shane Read, please visit his website:


Social media content, design, and marketing services now available from LaCroix Creative

Would you love to have exposure on either Facebook or Twitter, but you either don't know how or don't have the time? LaCroix Creative to the rescue! We are now offering creation and management of social media marketing campaigns specifcally for Facebook and Twitter. An active social media page not only increases your brand's exposure, but can also affect your website's results in regards to search engine placement in a positive way.

For more information, contact our Social Media Manager, Jack Keenan, by writing us at


You have a website... But do you have a BLOG?

When you are running a business website, blogs can be time-consuming, difficult, challenging... and necessary. Why? Because an active blog generates keywords that search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing look for every day in order to determine your website's results in internet searches. A blog helps keep a website "active" and "fresh."

But if you don't have the time — or the skill—to write engaging articles for your website, turn to LaCroix Creative. We have produced blogs for the websites of many different types of clients, including lawyers, insurance businesses, auditors, and providers of at-home care for the elderly.

If you have a business website and would like all the benefits of a blog, contact our owner and Creative Specialist, Patricia LaCroix, by writing her at




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